News » Politics 30 November, 2017, 17:51
NABU decries interference of SBU and PGO in its operations

The national Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine said in a Nov. 30 statement that its secret operation in the State Migration Service aimed at exposing corrupt officials was disrupted by SBU and Prosecutor General’s Office. During the operation when a foreigner was exposed of offering a bribe to SMS official, SBU and PGO agents interfered blowing a NABU detective who was working under cover.

NABU statement accused SBU and PGO agents of deliberately disrupting its operation.

NABU charged SBU of leaking information to one of the suspects, disrupting a 6-month work of NABU detectives.

NABU said SBU had access to its phone communications, enabling SBU to leak the vital information.

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