News » Economy 27 November, 2017, 14:17
PGO, SBU and National Police involved in pressurizing business – Mustafa Nayem

Corrupt schemes cannot be implemented without coverage by the National Police, SBU and prosecutor’s general office, opposition lawmaker Mustafa Nayem said, speaking on ZIK Nov. 27.

“There is no secret that all these agencies incorporate departments for fighting economic crimes. The pressure on businesses is made via these agencies,” he said.

Working in harness, these agencies draw up lists of businesses, allegedly suspected of terrorism, treason and criminal wrongdoings, he said.

 “The lists are followed by sanctions, arrests and searches of businesses. I know of cases when law enforcement agents approached businesses having fixed amounts of pay-off money to get them off the hook,” he said.

There are cases when the import of goods is banned. As a result, businessmen come forward with US$80,000 kick-back payments to law enforcers to resume the supplies, Nayem said.

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