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In December, I might be dismissed as head of Rada anticorruption committee – Yehor Sobolev

Corrupt officials and lawmakers are out to draft the bills annulling open property registers and e-income declarations. Since I am the head of the Rada Anticorruption Committee which drafts these bills and strongly oppose their emergence, my opponents scheme to kick me out in early December, Yehor Sobolev said, speaking on ZIK late Nov. 24.

 “We are facing a crucial battle in the Rada and in the country. We made public the information on who and how are robbing Ukrainians by passing the laws on the open property rosters and e-income declarations of officials.

The National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine was created in pursuance of the laws we had tabled. NABU started to detain top corrupted officials belonging to the president’s circle. It is clear, therefore, that the regime began to kick back,” Sobolev said. 

 “My opponents intended to dismiss me as head of the Rada AC committee at its last session but they lacked the votes,” Sobolev continued.

In addition, corrupt leaders of Ukraine want to fire NABU chief Artem Sytnyk either via docile courts or by appointing dependent auditor that will draw up a negative report on NABU, he said.

Ukraine’s mighty are scared by the proposed creation of the Anticorruption Court which will put them behind bars and confiscate their property, Yehor Sobolev said.

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