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Some politicians out to clip wings of NABU – Sytnyk

Director of the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnyk said some politicians were deliberately discrediting NABU in order to limit the bureau’s authority, Interfax-Ukraine reported late Nov. 22.

Representatives of political parties, whose members are currently being investigated by NABU, come up with loud declarations to discredit the anti-corruption agencies, Artem Sytnyk said at the Rada anticorruption committee hearings Nov. 22. 

Hinting at the National Agency for Preventing Corruption that was accused of faking e-declarations of officials and bribe-taking by its top fiscal official, Sytnyk said such incidents give the politicians the opportunity to speak of a conflict involving the anticorruption agencies.

 “The outcry is aimed at railroading the laws cutting the wings of NABU and subordinating NABU to the State Bureau of Investigation as well as appointing the auditor acting on the orders of those political parties that fear NABU investigations,” Sytnyc declared. 

To attain their aims, the politicians hire docile journalists, Sytnyk said.

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