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Luhansk rebels’ leader flees to Russia – Ukraine foreign ministry

The leader of the Luhansk breakaway republic, Ihor Plotnytskyj, has fled to Russia, Ukraine foreign ministry spokesman Andrij Shevchenko wrote in Facebook late Nov. 21.

The turf battles among the rebel leaders in Donbas continue, he wrote.

The official reminded that Plotnytskyj’s predecessor Valery Bolotov had escaped to Moscow where he died soon from a heart attack. However, his told journalists that he died after a cup of coffee in a bar after a business meeting. 

Last week, Plotnytskyj dismissed his Interior Minister Ihor Kornet on the heels of a criminal investigation.

The latter disagreed, blocking himself in the office.

Armed unidentified persons and armored personnel carriers appeared in the downtown of Luhansk and the TV and radio went off the air.

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