News » Politics 22 November, 2017, 11:31
Lawmakers can make big money in Verkhovna Rada – Biletsky

Rada reminds a trade market where lawmakers’ votes can be sold and bought. Some lawmakers make big money there in illegal ways, the leader of the National Corps party Andriy Biletsky said, speaking on ZIK Nov. 22.

The bulk of lawmakers are busy enriching themselves instead of writing laws, he said.

In fact, there has not been the influx of ‘fresh blood’ after the Orange revolution.

A third of majority lawmakers are former members of the Yanukovych-led party of Regions. Add to them the Tymoshenko-led party, Yatseniuk-led People’s Front and Lyashko-led Radical party and you will see there are just a few new faces in the Rada, he said.

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