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Important amendment disappears from text of bill

One of the amendments authored by deputy Rada speaker Oksana Syroid had been edited out when the bill was in the president’s office awaiting Poroshenko’s signing.

The amendment passed by Rada cancels a 2-year ceiling on investigations of cases of corruption of highly placed officials opened by the Prosecutor General’s Office before the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine came into being, NABU.

 “I don’t know whether the president or some members of his office ordered to edit out the amendment. Anyway, this is the case of the usurpation of Rada’s will,” Syroid said.

The absence of the amendment in the final version of the Criminal Code may be a way to discredit NABU, Syroid pointed out.

The transfer of over 2-year hopeless cases to NABU, as the new law on the PGO prescribes, will eventually heavily damage NABU’s reputation. Their investigation must be completed by PGO, Syroid said. 
Meanwhile, Rada Speaker Parubij confirmed that the law containing the amendment had been passed to the president’s office for signing.

Lawmaker Olena Sotnyk, the amendment’s co-author, said she protested the absence of the amendment in the text of the law. However, she got no reaction from Speaker Parubij and the president’s office, she said.

Meanwhile, PGO had publicly announced the transfer of all hopeless cases to NABU – even before the publication of the law’s text, Sytnyk said.

This clearly points to the conspiracy among Ukraine’s top leaders, Sotnyk wrote in Facebook. 

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