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Turf battles in rebel-held Luhansk

With TV and radio off the air and armored vehicles on the streets of the rebel-held Luhansk, the rumors are thick that it may be the result of the on-going turf battles among the rebel leaders.

Speaking to Ukrinform via telephone, callers, insisting on anonymity, said the radio and TV does not operate, Ukrinform says Nov. 21.

Meanwhile, in news bulletins of the so-called Luhansk republic TV company on the YouTube, viewers can see armed persons and AMCs in the downtown of Luhansk.

One of the Luhansk residents told Ukrinform that he could not get a money transfer at the post office. An official told him all the money had been evacuated by the bank. 

According to the rumors, the present tensions are the result of a stand-off between the republic’s leader Ihor Plotnytskyj and Interior Minister Ihor Kornet. 

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