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NABU under intense pressure – Bochkala

National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine detectives cannot match the potential of lawyers hired by tycoons, journalist Roman Bochkala said Nov. 20.

Case materials are submitted to court by the Special Anticorruption Prosecution, not by NABU. Sometimes the opinion of the detectives does not coincide with that of SAP prosecutors, he said.

In many cases SAP rejects the case on the grounds that the evidence is incomplete, he said.

“Recall the case when inferior quality backpacks were supplied to the army by the company of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s son. In March, NABUI was ready to send the case to court. However, it was shelved by SAP for 9 months. It is clear that some manipulations must have happened, the journalist said.

NABU is challenged with extreme pressure of expensive lawyers defending the oligarchs, finding faults with the pettiest details to break the case, he said.


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