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Corruption in NAPC must be investigated by NABU – Solomatina

Hanna Solomatina, the head of fiscal control department at the National Agency for Preventing Corruption and whistleblower on top-level corruption in the agency, said she would sue Prosecutor General Lutsenko and Special Anticorruption Prosecution, demanding the return of exposing documents she had sent to the prosecutor general’s office to NABU, her Nov.18 statement runs.

 “Shame to Yury Lutsenko and SAP head Nazar Kholodnytsky. How could you have passed the documents to the SBU when you knew that the whistleblowers had pointed their finger at SBU department deputy head Karpushyn?  It was Karpushyn who brought the package with the documents on corruption back to NAPC, saying “Mind your own business!”   SBU hadn’t even registered the documents,” angry Solomatina said.

PGO chief Yury Lutsenko even wrote to Mustafa Nayem, telling him the documents were a fake. In fact, without having a look at the evidence and checking the accusations in them, Lutsenko declared the whistleblowers lied. What kind of ‘unbiased” investigation by PGO can we expect? Solomatina asked.

“We trust only NABU and will demand that the materials be returned to NABU. We will work only with NABU,” Solomatina stressed.

The whistleblowers has appealed to the international organizations and embassies of western countries in Ukraine to monitor the unfolding scandal.

Hanna Solomatina has recently exposed NAPC head Natalia Korchak of falsifying the results of monitoring the income declarations of some officials with links to the government.

In protest, Solomatina and some of her colleague resigned from NAPC.

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