Saturday, 18 November, 2017, 13:17 Crime
Activists set sights on PGO prosecutor’s mind-blowing wealth

Senior PGO investigator Yurij Kryvobok has become the target of exposures by anticorruption activists, Narodna Pravda reports Nov. 18.

According to the activists, Kryvobok was appointed to his present post in 2014, after his 2009-2014  tenure as prosecutor in Kyiv’s Obolon rayon.

Having analyzed Kryvobok’s income declarations for 2013-2016, the activists revealed an exceedingly large movable and immovable property and a staggering income of over UAH182 mn ($7 mn).

This amount includes UAH700,000 earned as a salary, with the rest earned from the sales of property. However, the prosecutor didn’t mention any earlier entrepreneurial activity.

It looks likely that the huge capital he owns is the result of land deals during the time of ex-Pres Yanukovych, the activists conclude. 

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