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Russia out to set new border with Ukraine – Leonid Kuchma

Ukraine’s rep on the tri-party Minsk group to settle the conflict in Russia ex-Pres Leonid Kuchma says Russia wants to set a new border with Ukraine in order to freeze the stand-off.

In this way, Kuchma reacted on the talks in Belgrade between US envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker and Putin’s aide Vladislav Surkov, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Nov. 17.

According to Russia’s proposal the UN peace-keeping troops are to be deployed along the touchline in Donbas. This will turn the annexed territories into worse than TransNistria because Transnistria has no common border with Russia while Ukraine has 420 km of uncontrolled border, he said.

 “I see no prospects for resolving the Donbas issue,” he said.

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