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New SBI chief to be front for his deputy – Serhij Leshchenko

The newly elected chief of the State Bureau of Investigation, Roman Truba, will be merely a front for his heavily affiliated deputy Olha Varchenko known for having been used by the regime to meet its political and business interests, opposition lawmaker Serhij Leshchenko saiod Nov. 17, ZIK reports.

The department for investigating economic crimes at the PGO Varchenko headed is called the department of [corrupt influential lawmakers] Kononenko and Hranovsky, he said. 

The department was created during Viktor Shokin’s renure as prosecutor general to implement the president’s orders aimed at furthering his business and political goals, Leshchenko said.

 “ Truba will act as a mere front for Varchenko. This opens the door to the regime for abuse of office,” he said.

The selection commission for the top three posts in the SBI was a fake as some of its members didn’t have mandatory legal education, he said.

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