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NACC officials destroy incriminating evidence of their corruption – source

NABU detectives are waiting for Special Anticorruption Prosecution go-ahead to investigate corruption in the National Agency for Countering Corruption, NACC, a source told Ukrayinaks Pravda Nov. 15.

According to another source, NACC officials are destroying documents incriminating them in corruption.

Meanwhile, NABU established that NACC watchdog in the president’s office, Olexy Horashchenkov, had been giving instructions to NACC staff on how to process the e-declarations of officials using WhatsApp.

As part of a criminal investigation in the wake of Hanna Salamatina revelations of corruption in NACC, NABU got access to her telephone. In one of the messages, Horashchenko instructed Salamatina on how to falsify the e-declarations in order to clear some officials.

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