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Hot favorites fail tests for SBI director post

The selection for the head of the State Bureau of Investigation is to wind up today. The hot favorites include Anatolij Matios, Roman Truba, Olha Varchenko and Olexy Herashchenkov, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Nov. 16.

According to the test which includes the polygraph one, the lowest scorers are Varchenko and Truba. Meanwhile, Truba is viewed as the main contender for the job, ex-lawmaker Yehor Firsov told UP.

As to Anatolij Matios, his scores are average, with the integrity test very low. Therefore, he must be dismissed as military prosecutor general, Firsov says.

 “Unfortunately, we can see that the regime want to take SBI under its control,” Firsov claims.

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