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Creation of anticorruption court: power to throw spanner in works – expert

The Ukrainian power changed its attitude toward the creation of the Anticorruption Court only following the tough pressure from the West. Yet, the regime fears the AC and will bend down backwards to neutralize it, political expert Vitalij Kriukov said, speaking on ZIK Nov. 14.

 “Remember the fierce opposition to the AC creation, speared by Poroshenko at the head. Then, quite suddenly, the president had a change of heart,”Kriukov said.

 “I don’t believe in Poroshenko’s Epiphany,” he said.

 “The power fears the AC, and will do everything to neutralize it, dragging its feet on the AC formation. A lot of shenanigans are expected in the selection of AC judges, the same as in the creation of the National Agency for Countering Corruption,” the expert predicted.

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