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Belarus UN vote stab in back – Iryna Herashchenko

The voting by Belarus on the UN resolution on human rights observance in Crimea is a big departure from Minsk’s loud declarations of neutrality, Rada deputy speaker Iryna Herashchenko wrote in Facebook Nov. 15.

 “The tough and crucial resolution was backed by over 70 countries, with about the same number of abstentions. Against were only 25 countries, including Belarus,” she pointed out.

 “This is a quite definite, not a neutral, stand. Belarus has again lacked the ‘neutrality’ to take a different from Russia position,” she said.

Meanwhile, Minsk is laying a claim to a neutral stand by hosting the talks on Donbas, she said.

In the wake of last year’s similar vote, this is the second time Belarus stabs Ukraine in the back, Iryna Herashchenko said.

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