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E-declarations are falsified by president’s office and NACC head, Solomatina

“E-income declarations of officials are checked by National Agency for Countering Corruption manually, not by computer. Moreover, the president’s office demanded that the results of the checking to be agreed with it, Hanna Salamatina, the head of the NACC fiscal control department, said Nov. 14.

“Such actions discredit the goals of the e-declarations,” she said.

 “In fact, the e-declarations were used to cover up officials loyal to the regime and to crack down on the unruly ones as well as for the purposes of personal enrichment of NACC head Korchak and her insiders,” Solomatina charged.

She handed over evidence of NACC corruption to prosecutors. However, the documents were kicked back without any reaction from the prosecution. This made her send the incriminating documents to NABU, she said.

NACC is not an independent agency. It is totally controlled by the power, Salamatina said.

 “I was summoned to the president’s office in September. They told me they want to be the first to see the results of checking e-declarations – even before they go to NACC consideration,” she said.

Following my refusal, NACC head illegally ordered to put my department under the control of her loyal insider.

Salamatina resigned, followed by the head of NACC apparat, the head of NACC advisers, directors of other departments.

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