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Medvedchuk carries lot of weight with Poroshenko – Viktor Baloha

Speaking to ZIK TV Nov. 11, lawmaker Viktor Baloha claimed Poroshenko is under the influence of Viktor Medvedchuk.

 “Regrettably, Medvedchuk has a role in the relations with Pres Poroshenko and carries a lot of weight with the incumbent. If Medvedchuk, as an exception, is allowed to fly direct routes to Moscow and be a go-between among the presidents, it is clear to me that he is an influential player in Ukraine politics,” Baloha said.

Medvedchuk strives not to ensure the dominance of Western values in Ukraine but to bring the country back to Putin’s fold.

 “Poroshenko is insincere saying the Western values are the goal of his life. He is looking both to Europe and Russia. After all, the 30% growth in trade with Russia in 2017 indicates which way Ukraine’s mighty are looking,” Baloha said.

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