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UN experts warn of environmental disaster in Donbas

Ukraine is faced with impending chemical environmental disaster due to the war in Donbas, UN special reporters Baskut Tunchak and Leo Heller say, RBK-Ukraine says Nov. 10.

 “We are concerned over the shelling of water utility chlorine facilities containing chlorine and other dangerous chemicals,” Tunchak said.

Any damage to the chlorine facilities or destruction of the water purification plant will make a ruinous effect on the population and environment in the area, he said.

If the main chlorine pipeline is hit, it will pose grave risks for the lives of 350,000 local residents, the UN report said.

The release of toxic gases and destruction of the water-supply system will have far-reaching effects on the population of Donetsk, Makiyivka and Avdijyvka.

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