Thursday, 9 November, 2017, 18:33 Politics
Lithuanian lawmakers condemn Hungarian ultimatum to Ukraine over language issue

A group of 37 Lithuanian lawmakers signed an appeal not to block Ukraine’s access to the European Union, Delfi reports Nov. 9.

“We were shocked by the Hungarian government ultimatum containing threats to block Ukraine’s movement toward NATO and EU unless Kyiv changes the recent language law specifying language policy towards national minorities,” the appeal runs.

 “We are aware that the education of national minorities is a sensitive issue and must be resolved via constructive dialog. We can see Ukraine’s efforts to reach a solution via dialog,” the Lithuanian lawmakers said.

 “We are surprised by the Hungarian ultimatum containing threats of geopolitical fallout for Ukraine,” they said.

Regrettably, what Hungary wants to reach strangely coincides with Vladimir Putin’s plans, the appeal said.

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