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Lawmakers in for horse-trading to control budget spending, expert

There is no business in Ukraine independent of the power. However, when the economy is in shambles, we realize, after analyzing e-income declarations of the Solons, that they are quite successful businessmen. The lawmakers are lying when they say they care for the interests of Ukrainians, political expert Valery Dymov said, speaking on ZIK TV Nov. 7.

 “How can you be a successful businessman in poverty-torn country?” the expert asks.

The lawmakers are out to get access to the cash flow to continue milking the budget,” he said.

However, Ukrainians must not surrender. We have to push the lawmakers to adopt the decisions favorable for the nation, the expert says.

Had it not been for the protests of Ukrainians, the lawmakers would have never passed the law on the new election system in the first reading. 

 “Now the lawmakers realize that their funeral is just round the corner. They will try to stall the process by tabling innumerable amendments to the law,” he said.

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