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NABU exposes Avakov’s son corrupt scheme

At the hearings in the Rada committee on corruption Nov. 4, National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine chief Artem Sytnyk said his agency has conclusive evidence in ‘the backpack case,’ illegal scheme under which the army was supplied low-quality backpack at overstated prices by a group of businessmen that includes the son of the present interior minister Arsen Avakov.

Using his personal links with the deputy interior minister, Avakov’s son proposed to supply backpacks for the National Guard despite the fact that there were 2,000 backpacks available at the ministry’s storehouse, NABU said.

A go-between company received an order to make 5,000 backpacks at about UAH3,000 ($115) for one. The order included the specifications as to the size, cloth, pockets and other properties the backpacks had to have.

The go-between company acted as a front as the backpacks were made by a number of private businesses and inmates in prisons.

Their self-cost stood at about UAH500.

The order was not fulfilled in time and the ministry was supplied expensive inferior quality backpacks.

NABU chief said the case won’t be difficult to prove in court if considered by an independent and honest judge.

Sytnyk reminded of the urgent need to form an independent anti-corruption court in Ukraine to ensure unbiased litigation. 

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