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If Poroshenko and Avakov fail to strike deal, Ukraine will be in for early elections

The criminal case against Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s son has a strong political dimension. If Poroshenko and Avakov do not strike a deal, Ukraine will face the early parliamentary elections, journalist and NGO volunteers Dmytro Spivak said, speaking on ZIK TV Nov. 2.

Why NABU presented charges to Avakov’s son is anybody’s guess as his alleged crimes are not within NABU’s competence. .

NABU was formed to deal with the graft of highly-placed government officials, Spivak said.

Avakov son’s transgression is the turf of the police or tax service, he said.

 “I am convinced the case won’t be submitted to court, and Poroshenko and Avakov will finally sort out their problems,“ the expert said.

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