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Regime wants to bring minister Avakov to heel by prosecuting his son – Bojko

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s actions irk many government officials as his efforts to have political clout do not match his possibilities, journalist Volodymyr Bojko said, speaking on ZIK TV late Oct. 31.

“My guess, by opening a criminal case against his son, the regime wants to bring the minister to heel. The interior ministry and national police have become Avakov’s turf,” the expert said. 

Arsen Avakov ignored the law by appointing high-ranking national police officials who have no legal university education and do not know Ukrainian, Bojko said, citing Avakov’s deputy Fatsevych. 

 “If now SAP [Special Anticorruption Prosecution] and NABU [National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine] let Avakov’s son off the hook they will look like clowns. If the son’s case is tried by the court, Arsen Avakov will look like a clown,” the journalist said.  

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