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NABU completed ‘Avakov’s backpacks’ case investigation in 2016 – Leshchenko

For unknown reasons the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution kept the ‘Avakov’s backpacks’ case completely investigated by National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine on the shelf, says influential opposition lawmaker Serhij Leshchenko, ZIK reports Oct. 31.

“The contract to supply the backpacks was won by Interior Minister Avakov’s son. However, NABU revealed that, instead of a 60-liter capacity, the backpacks had only a 40-liter one. Besides, the cloth easily got soaked and was flammable,” the lawmaker said. 

Given the war in Donbas and patriotic drum-beat of the People’s Front [the party Avakov belongs to] supplying good-for-nothing backpacks was not merely hypocritical but also a crime, he said.

 “I’m glad the case eventually got the green light and will be sent to court. The more such high-profile cases of corruption are tried by courts, the less corruption we will have,” Leshchenko said.

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