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Power likely to meet two of protesters demands – Serhij Taran

Protesters outside Verkhovna Rada put forward three demands to the power. Two of them are to create the independent anti-corruption court, cancel deputy immunity. It is very likely that these demands will be met by the regime, political expert Serhij Taran said Oct. 30, speaking on ZIK TV.

The third demand is to adopt a new election law.

The power will gladly cancel the deputy immunity as it was the dream of any president to keep lawmakers on a short leash. Without their immunity, the Solons will be at the mercy of president-appointed prosecutors and other law-enforcement agencies, Taran said. 

As regards the law on the anti-corruption court, I am almost sure it will be on the Rada agenda next plenary week, the expert predicted.

The new election law is a highly controversial document. It offers open party election slates and bans the first-past-the-pole system, something many ordinary Ukrainians support as they want to see their locals in the legislature. A wide discussion is needed here, Serhij Taran said.

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