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Armed attack on voting station in Dnipropetrovsk oblast

At 18.30 on Oct. 29, 24 unidentified persons entered a voting station in Majske, Dnipropetrovsk oblast. They damaged the furniture, threw smoke grenades and tried to destroy ballot boxes with ballots, the police reported late Oct. 29.

Three police officers who banished the attackers from the station  were beaten in the fight.

The goons left the area in three cars. The police started a massive intercept operation and arrested four of the attackers.

The search of the cars revealed 6 hunting rifles, 2 gas guns, 1 Kalashnikov rifle, 4 bullet-proof vests, baseball bats, steel pipes and 3 bottles of inflammatory liquid.

Фото: Відділ комунікації поліції Дніпропетровської області
Фото: Відділ комунікації поліції Дніпропетровської області

The group was a gang of hired goons and their mission at the voting station was to disrupt local elections in Majske, the police say.

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