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Russia to pay higher price for occupation of Ukraine: Kurt Volker

US president’s envoy in Ukraine, Kurt Volker is convincing European leaders that the war in Donbas is Russia’s aggression, not a domestic conflict, head of the Rada foreign relations committee Hanna Hopko said, Krym.Realiji reports Oct. 29.

“In all European capitals he visits Kurt Volker says clearly and loudly that it is a hot war, not a frozen conflict. He tries to expose the Russian propaganda of presenting the conflict in Donbas as merely a domestic stand-off, Hopko says.

Volker is relaying the message that Russia will pay a dearer price for its aggression against Ukraine.

Volker is sending a message that USA-EU-Russia relations have deteriorated because the Kremlin failed to implement its share of Minsk commitments, Hopko says.

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