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Ukraine’s biggest challenges – Russian aggression and corruption

The war in Donbas has already cost Ukraine 10,000 lives and millions of resettled persons, causing huge material losses, ex-head of the OSCE press office in Ukraine Mykhailo Botsiurkiv said in Lviv Oct. 26.

Unfortunately, we cannot see the end of the war in the near future. A fortnight ago, OSCE registered 3,300 explosions in Donbas, or up by 45% on the previous week, he said. 

There exists another war in Ukraine, the war on corruption. It continues despite Pres Poroshenko’s pledges. His reluctance to step up the war on corruption harms Ukraine’s image abroad. It stops foreign investors to come to Ukraine, Botsiurkiv said. 

Many journalists starting investigations of corrupt officials become the targets of threats and coercion, with the authorities turning a blind eye, the expert said. 

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