News » Crime 27 October, 2017, 20:15
Prosecutors crack down on Vinnytsya customs

Prosecutors received information that Vinnytsya customs officials were extorting bribes for turning a blind eye to the understated value of imported goods which were later sold for their market value in Ukraine.

Prosecutors established that a go-between collected bribes from businessmen and handed the money over to customs officials. The man kept the bribe money in the apartment of his brother, living in the same apartment house.

Oct. 5, prosecutors searched the house of go-between’s brother. During the search the agents noticed that several bags were thrown through the window out of the apartment.

When the agents picked up the bags they found $105,000  and telephones.

The court arrested the money and telephones as evidence.

Oct. 7, SBU exposed Vinnytsya customs chief and deputies of taking bribes from businesses.

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