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Xenia Sobchak is Putin’s stooge: Radzihovsky

Russian TV anchor and opposition politician Xenia Sobchak said in her Oct.24 press conference that Crimea belongs to Ukraine and Russia violated the Budapest memorandum in which 4 countries, Russia including, guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

In his interview with The Apostrof, Leonid Radzihovsky, Russian publicist and journalist, claimed Sobchak is Putin’s stooge in the upcoming presidential election in Russia.

By definition as a presidential candidate Sobchak must criticize Putin. It is her role in the unfolding show, he says.

With ordinary Russians zombied by Moscow’s propaganda, her scathing criticism will merely fall on deaf ears in Russia, the expert says.

Sobchak will heat up her criticism even more in the campaign, carefully avoiding the personal topics unpleasant for Putin, like his money, for example.

Under the Russian law, for registration a candidate must either represent a political party or raise 300,000 signatures of voters. There is no organization under Sobchak’s influence to take care of the signature gathering. Fearing reprisals, Russia’s oligarchs are highly unlikely to bankroll Sobchak’s campaign. 

Moreover, the signatures are to be registered by the docile Central Election Commission that will surely refuse to do so.

“Putin needs Sobchak to enliven the otherwise dead horse of Russia’s presidential election. Her role is to prove to the Russians that the liberals are weaklings and low comedians – like herself,” Leonid Radzehovsky says. 

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