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Ukraine needs Saakashvili as counterweight to power, expert

“There was no personal interest on the part of Mikheil Saakashvili in the protests he organized. He just wants to write a positive page in the Ukrainian history for Ukrainians to remember him. There are no such leaders in Ukraine at present,” political analyst Viktor Moroz said, speaking on ZIK TV Oct. 25.

 “Looking at Saakashvili, Ukrainians feel more committed and self-reliant,” the expert said.

 “His profile helps Ukrainians to counter the power they dislike,” he said. 

However, Ukrainians won’t side with Saakashvili because he doesn’t put up crowd-pleasing objectives. If he was speaking about low wages, his popularity would be higher. Still, Ukraine needs Saakashvili now. We have few politicians who are not centered on their private interests and stand by the people, the expert said.

Meanwhile, Saakashvili said he had received documents from the president’s office revoking his Ukrainian citizenship. He said he would contest them in court.

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