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Quarter of Ukrainian gave bribes in 2017

Most often the bribes were given in hospitals, a poll by the Ilka Kucheriv Fund says, its head Iryna Bekeshkina said, addressing a round table on fighting corruption held in Lviv Oct. 23.

According to the poll, 44% of Ukrainians believe corruption is Ukraine’s most serious problem, with 36% saying it is quite serious.

About 90% of respondents believe corruption is widespread.

The most corrupted are the courts, Verkhovna Rada, prosecution, customs, and hospitals.

The attitude towards bribing is highly controversial, as only 49% believing corruption is inadmissible and 44% as sometimes justified.

Many, 51% of respondents, admitted they gave bribes in hospitals, 24% in universities, 15% in local governments, 11% in schools and 11% in police.

Grand corruption grows from petty corruption, Bekeshkina says. Officials take bribes to enrich themselves, while ordinary people in low-paid jobs to survive.

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