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Ukraine’s engineers design Strazh ( Sentinel) tank defender
BMPT Strazh. Photo:
BMPT Strazh. Photo:

It is known that tanks are not very effective engaging infantry or fighting on city streets. That is why engineers create armored vehicles to support tanks.

The Russians have a Terminator. Now the Ukraine army will also have a similar weapon, Strazh (Sentinel), Gogetnews reports Oct. 22.

Sentinel was first exhibited at the Weapons and Security – 2017 show.

Sentinel weaponry is mounted on the T-64 tank. Sentinel has grenade launchers, guided Barrier missiles, machine guns, and 30-mm guns on board. The defender tank is operated guided by 2 servicemen. 

According to the unique Duplet guiding system, Sentinel can simultaneously engage several targets.


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