News » Politics 21 October, 2017, 9:41
There is no legislative branch in Ukraine – Stepan Hmara

The worst thing is that Verkhovna Rada as a top legislative body has stopped to perform its functions. Instead, it follows the rules drawn up by the presidential administration, Stepan Hmara, a renowned Ukrainian politician, said, speaking on ZIK TV late Oct. 20.

Ukraine badly needs the resetting of power. There must be a priority for resetting the branches of power, he said.

Importantly, the grip of Poroshenko on the two largest factions in the Rada must be stopped, Hmara said.

Because of the grip, no reforms in Ukraine are implemented. The president continues to build a police state.

Relations with Russia must be severed. Russian tycoons are thriving in Ukraine since the clans of Poroshenko and his Russian partners are tightly intertwined, Stepan Hmara said.

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