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Putin angered by monument to Simon Petliura in Vinnytsya

Pres Putin dubbed Simon Petliura, a distinguished Ukrainian leader in the civil war of the 1920’s, a Fascist and anti-Semite. In doing so, he echoed the erstwhile Soviet propaganda myth, still shared by some Jewish organizations, RIA Novosti says Oct. 20.

In fact, Simon Petliura fought for the creation of an independent Ukraine and never held Nazi views. He had to emigrate to Paris where he was killed by an NKVD stooge of Jewish origin, allegedly for Petliura-organized pogroms.

However, unbiased historians confirm that Petliura tried to stop the wave of Jewish pogroms started by the Bolsheviks and White Russians.

 “Our henchmen, the Bolsheviks, are disseminating rumors that Ukrainian insurgents allegedly are murdering Jews. As a Commander of the Ukrainian Army, I do not believe this. Ukrainians, so heavily oppressed by the Bolsheviks, cannot oppress any other people suffering from the Communist rule,” Petliura wrote in his March 18, 1921 address.

 “I order to mercilessly destroy the Communists and other bandits launching the Jewish pogroms,” Petliura wrote.

It should be borne in mind that a large part of the Bolshevik leaders were Jews which led some defenders of Jews to identify the fight of Ukrainians against the Communist rule with anti-Semitism.  

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