News » Politics 19 October, 2017, 14:27
Parties unwilling to cancel lawmakers’ immunity as it eats into their revenue, expert

Political parties will eventually vote to cancel or restrict lawmakers’ immunity. However, they are trying to mothball the bill as this will cut the price of seats on their voting slates, Politika think tank director Mykola Davydiuk said, speaking on ZIK TV Oct. 19.

 “Both the power and the opposition are unwilling to cancel the immunity. They engage in heated discussions just to kill the bill. However, I believe the public will force lawmakers to pass the bill, he said.

The immunity violates the Constitution’s principle that all are equal, he said.

Using the pretext of allegedly improving the bill, lawmakers want to put it on hold, he said.

A winning place on a party’s election slates now amounts to $3 million. Without the immunity, it will cost $200-300 thousand. Parties won’t be able to exist without such lavish revenues, he said.

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