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Inter TV faces sanctions due to program on 12-year old mother

On the heels of Inter TV program featuring a 12-year old mother, the National Board for Radio and TV announced an unscheduled check of the TV channel, NBRTV reports Oct. 19.

NBRTV will step in after complaints by Ukraine’s Ombudswoman Valeria Lutkovska and the Media Detector NGO.

NBRTV criticized Inter for disclosing confidential information about the mother.

Inter’s anchor pressed the 12-year old mother into giving the details of the intercourse with the father, something likely to hurt the girl. Such programs are a clear violation of the UN convention on the rights of children, NBRTV said. 

A similar incident happened in Dec. 2015. Then the NBRTV accused the STB channel of violating children’s rights and imposed a UAH1.5 mn ($57,000) fine on the broadcaster.

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