News » Politics 18 October, 2017, 16:22
Ukrainians desperate and willing to resort to uprisings

Riot police in downtown Kyiv are well-equipped and, unlike protesters, have everything to ensure their safety, lawmaker Vitali Kuprij said, speaking on ZIK TV Oct. 18.

The lawmaker witnessed a fight of the protesters with the police this morning outside the legislature.

The police started to grab the activists and put them in prison trucks. However, ex-CO of the Donbas battalion who was among the activists, warned the police that if such violence continues, protesters will use boiled water.

 “It is sad that Ukrainians have become desperate from poverty and lawlessness and have the right to rise up. I was an active participant of the 2014 Maidan revolution. I have never thought I will see something of the kind happen. It pains me so much,” he said.

Ukrainians have become discouraged with the power. They are loathe to support the present developments, he said.

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