News » Politics 18 October, 2017, 6:02
Ukraine can reinstate Crimea only after Russia’s destruction – Tuka

Ukraine may agree to deploy UN peacekeepers in Crimea, but Russia will reject the idea. Therefore, Crimea can be liberated only after Russia’s destruction as a state, Ukraine’s deputy minister for occupied territories and displaced persons, Georgi Tuka, told UNN Oct. 18.

 “I can see the return of control over Donbas, but as to Crimea, the only condition of its reinstatement as part of Ukraine is the destruction of Russia,” Tuka said.

 “The declarations of crowd-pleasing politicians about the need to adopt the laws to reinstate Crimea are mere rhetoric. Laws alone won't help. A strong army, economic and financial success may open the way to get Crimea back," he said.

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