News » Crime 13 October, 2017, 12:56
NABU sets sights on infrastructure minister Omelyan

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau has opened a criminal investigation against Minister for Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan accusing him of unlawful enrichment and cheating on his income declaration, Ukrainian News reports Oct. 13.

Omelyan and his family live in a $2.7 million mansion allegedly owned by his niece. However, state fiscal service says the niece has no incomes to buy such a posh house.

The niece’s mother allowed Omelyan to use her Lexus RX 350.

Since 2015, Omelyan also had the use of BMW X5 owned by his brother, NACB revealed.

Meanwhile, Omelyan declared in his e-declaration he has $90,000 and Euro25,000 while his wife has $70,000 in savings.

Premier Grojsman asked NACB to investigate the role of Omelyan in holding talks with Ryanair which was eventually banned to operate in Ukraine.

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