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Hungary wants Hungarian autonomy in Zakarpatya - Horbach

Ukraine’s recent law on education does not violate the rights of the Hungarian minority in Zakarpattya. However, the Ukrainian government had failed to reach out to the minority before the law was passed, expert Volodymyr Horbach said, speaking on ZIK TV Oct. 11.

The education law is logical and consistent with the practices in other democratic countries. The Venice Commission is expected to approve it, Horbach said.

Under the law, Hungarian (or other minority languages) will remain as the language of instruction in the primary school. In higher grades they will be replaced by Ukrainian in the subjects critical for university education, the expert explained.  

He criticized the Hungarian government for overly emotional declarations that has brought to naught the chances of a compromise.

The Hungarian leaders crossed the line where the compromise could have been reached, especially the foreign minister who said he would block Ukraine’s foreign policy initiatives, the expert said.

Hungarian leaders want a Hungarian autonomy in Zakarpattya, something the law of education endangers, V. Horbach said.

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