Monday, 9 October, 2017, 14:37 Politics
Moscow Orthodox Church got orders from Kremlin not to hold talks with Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Patriarch Filaret

Speaking in Chervivtsi, UOC Patriarch Filaret said Moscow-affiliated Ukrainian Orthodox Church received orders from Kremlin not to hold any talks on the formation of independent UOC, ZIK reports Oct. 9.

“When UOC Metropolitan Volodymyr Slobodan was alive, we started the talks on unification. Despite Moscow’s ban, the Kyiv-based UOC is willing to unite with the UOC (Moscow patriarchate) to form a united home-based church,” he said.

The UOC (MP) does not want to recognize Russia as an aggressor country, he stressed.

There is a massive exodus of UOC (MP) believers to join the UOC (KP), Filaret said, with entire communities in Ukraine going patriotic and giving up their membership in the UOC (MP).

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