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Klimkin invites Hungarian counterpart to discuss Ukraine’s law on education with Hungarian community

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin invited his Hungarian counterpart to come to Zakarpatya to discuss the Ukrainian law on education with the Hungarian minority here, Klimkin writes in TRwitter Oct. 9.

One of the law’s provisions lead to angry criticism of Ukraine, especially  from Hungary and Romania, who claimed the law violates the rights of their minorities in Ukraine to acquire education in their languages.

Under the law, the language of instruction in schools, except the primary school, and universities must be Ukrainian.

The Hungarian premier even said his country would not support any activities of Ukraine in the world.

Meanwhile, Ukraine sent the law to be assessed by the Venetian Commission, saying its strategies are in line with those used in democratic countries.

Ukraine condemned the fact that school leavers in Zakarpatya cannot speak or read Ukrainian and that there is not a single Ukrainian-language school in Hungary or Romania despite the presence of the Ukrainian minorioty there.

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