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For centuries Russian empire killed Ukrainians – Stepan Hmara

“How can we strike deals with Putin? How can we deal with a man who wails all the time that Ukraine has no right to exist,” dissident and ex-lawmaker Stepan Hmara said, speaking on ZIK TV late Oct. 7.

 “We mustn’t forget that Russia has been slaughtering Ukrainians by a million. First, they destroyed the Ukrainian elite, then started murdering farmers and peasants by staging artificial famines, with 6 to 9 million dying from starvation in 1932-1933. History has never known such massacre.

The Ukrainian nationalists have always warned: ‘it’s either us or them.’

Since the Russians had already passed a death sentence for Ukrainians, keeping saying that no such country, people, or language exists. For his part, Putin echoes Russia emperors declarations.

Still, some Ukrainian politicians continue to say that deals can be negotiated with Putin.

However, Ukrainians are getting wiser. I therefore, believe that Ukraine will be able to retrieve its territories grabbed by Russia as well as parts of oblasts Don, Kursk, Bilhorod, Voronezh and Kuban,” Stepan Hmara said.


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