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Fugitive Russian businessman and politician on prospects for Russia

The break-up of Russia will lead to massive misfortunes not only for Moscow but also for all neighboring states, Ukraine including, ex-Duma deputy Ilya Ponomaryov now residing in Ukraine said, speaking on ZIK TV Oct. 6.

 “For over 10 years I represented Novosibirsk, and I can tell you they have no big love for the central power Russians. That is why the tensions are running high in the regions,” he said.

 “While under the USSR, the country had more or less equal funding, Moscow today has become a hub, with other regions treated like colonies by the central power,” he explained.

 “Moscow takes away 76% of revenues, leaving the regions to drag on on a meager budget. This may lead to the break-up of Russia,” he said.

Ponomaryov believes in a better future for Ukraine. Were it not for the greed of Ukraine’s corrupt elite, the country would be rich. Ukraine has a large industrial, agricultural and intellectual potential,” he added.

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