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'We won’t let Rada vote law giving amnesty to murderers’ Yehor Sobolev

As there are few lawmakers with principles, we were forced to block voting to stop the bill 7163 on the so-called reintegration of Donbas,” opposition lawmaker Yehor Sobolev said Oct. 5.

The bill will let Putin’s killers now serving in the separatist republics go unpunished by giving them amnesty, he said.

The bill also allows trade to be renewed with the occupied territories bringing large profits to tycoon Renat Akhmetov, Petro Poroshenko and others, he said. 

Sobolev urged Ukraini

an to come to Verkhovna Rada to protest the sell-out of national interests.
 “Since the following week is a no-voting week, we will have time to reach out to Ukrainians and president and lawmakers that we will not let them ruin the Ukrainian state,” Sobolev said. 

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