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Fugitive from Russia tells about Putin’s paranoia

A former Russian businessman, Yevgenij Chichvarkiv, who fled to the West, says Pres Vladimir Putin is dead scared of an attempt on his life and death, Gordon reports Oct. 5.

 “There are 5 circles of security agents. On coming to Belarus, Pres Lukashenko wanted to give him bread-and-salt as a sign of respect but agents just took it away. It indicates Putin’s extreme paranoia. Putin travels with his cooks, food, cars and so on. He is a paranoid. It’s a clinical case,” Chichvarkin said. 

Putin’s paranoia is growing with time. The forest near Putin’s residence was felled for clear view. He is flown by three identical helicopters, the businessman said.

He confirmed Putin has twins. He won’t go to a theater with the audience not sieved by agents. Putin wants to be a Stalin, not Lincoln, the businessman said. 

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