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Herashchenko spills beans about conflict between Avakov and Poroshenko
Anton Herashchenko. Photo: UNIAN
Anton Herashchenko. Photo: UNIAN

Anton Herashchenko, Avakov’s ex-adviser, publicly admitted a conflict between Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Pres Petro Poroshenko existing since 2014 when Poroshenko became president.

Speaking on ICTV late Monday, Herashchenko said there is a conflict since the first day of Poroshenko’s winning the highest office.

The conflict was about ensuring Ukraine’s security and criminal investigation procedure.

 “The president wanted to concentrate all power over law-enforcement, while People’s Front, Avakov and myself believed this created a dangerous precedent, he said.

With the president controlling SBU and Prosecutor General’s Office, Avakov as interior minister acts as a counterbalance preventing the repetition of mistakes and crimes committed by Yanukovych, Herashchenko said.

The interior ministry troops, National Guard and National Police will never be used against the people of Ukraine to suppress public actions, he said.

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